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Travel Anywhere. Live Like a Local. Stay for Free.

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What Actual Home Exchange Members Are Saying

Bente and Erick

We’re home exchangers! It’s a lifestyle. And even though we’re both retired now, the wanderlust is still there, and now we are able to go travelling anytime during the year. We started doing home exchanges in 1981. Without home exchange we would not have hiked in The Rocky Mountains, lived 15 minutes away from Niagara Falls, seen the Sydney Opera House, been on a cruise from San Diego to Mexico, seen kangaroos, seen geysers in Iceland... Life as a home exchanger is still great, also now that we’re retired. We don’t want to do without it, so we try to stay fit to be able to go on for many years to come. Bente and Erick, Denmark, Listing # 11756


We spent three months in Perth, before, during and after the birth of our grandson Matteo. Thank God for We didn't jet in in a rush, only to have to jet out again after a decent interval following the birth. We could stay put, in a proper home with all the accompanying comforts. We needed time to be with our loved ones, but also time to leave them alone and the exchange meant we could give each other breathing space yet be around the corner when needed and also without the expensive costs of staying in a hotel. Sandra Ramini, UK, Listing #41978

Steve and Roz

We joined in 2013 and started approaching homeowners in Hawaii, as that was where we wanted to go.  We then started receiving requests from all over the world to see if we were interested in exchanging with them. One such request was from a family living in Singapore. This exchange would be before we were going to Hawaii, and since we are retired we made contact and within six weeks we were in Singapore doing our first exchange. What a wonderful first experience! We were converts. Steve and Roz Gugenberger, Australia, Listing #782881